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"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten"

I live an exciting life outside my time as Elvira, which unfortunately means that my time is limited. I'm a girl of many pleasures and persuasions, but my preference is for longer dates as they allow us to better get to know each other, hence booking priority will go to friends who value extended time together. Wether we meet over a private moment of bliss, a dinner date or a weekend getaway, I can't wait for the time we have to share with each other :)

Need date ideas? See some good options on my about page.

Choose your adventure

Enchanting intro

2 hours $1500 


Tapas and drinks

3 hours $2000 

Brilliant reverie lunch or dinner date (most popular)
4 hours $2500

Escape heaven (preferred minimum)
6 hours $3500

Yours for the day
8 hours $4500

The world is ours overnight or day excursion
12 hours $6000

The kind of adventure you never forget
24 hours $8000

Adventures in wonderland
48 hours $12000


Quantum Entanglement

72 hours $15000

When you just don't want it to end
Additional 24 Hours $4000

Endless possibilities
1 week $30000

Round trip uber is not included and must be added to the deposit. Incalls take place in a hotel or apartment. If you would like a suite, there is a $500 surcharge. If you would like to pay in a currency other than USD, I accept EUR, GBP, CHF and CAD but please let me know in advance.


​A deposit is required to hedge against no-shows and last minute cancellations. Deposits count towards the rate of our date. Once received, I block your desired time in my calendar so no one else can take it. Deposit is 20% in all cases except FMTY which is 40%. Deposit is fully and promptly refundable in the unlikely event that I have to cancel or you may chose to have it applied to a future date.


  • Deposits can be paid by crypto (bitcoin, ethereum), venmo, sometimes paypal or an e-gift card of my choice. Paypal and crypto incur an additional 8% fee to cover the platform fees and volatility risk. My favourite payment methods are crypto and e-gift card.

  • When sending a payment, kindly double check the spelling of my details as once funds are sent to the wrong person, they will not be recoverable in most cases.

  • Payment for the balance is usually in cash at the beginning of our date. Place the cash in a discreet envelope or magazine. Should  you want to pay the balance electronically, please inform me beforehand. 

Same day appointments

Requests with less than 24 hours of notice can rarely be accommodated. However, it doesn't hurt to try. Regardless of circumstances, I will do my absolute best to see you even if you happen to reach out late! In this case, please e-mail me your screening information in your first e-mail so that we can get the ball rolling. Same day requests without screening info in the e-mail will be dismissed.​​

Dates 3 hours or longer

Dates over 2 hours must include some social time spent chatting over drinks or a meal. I am a foodie and have a number of favorite bars and restaurants suited for any tastes, whether it’s upscale or casual. Not sure where to go? Just let me know and I will send you a list of my favourite spots! or we can cuddle and stay in with room service if privacy is your concern. For extended dates, I have a list of fun and exciting date ideas ranging from fine dinning, art gallery, spa date to a stroll in the park, wine tasting and many more. Feel free to ask me. I can help in making reservations.

Overnight and multi-day dates

I require 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep to look and feel my best. I’m a VERY light sleeper and would prefer a separate bed or room. A single bed is enough for me. If it isn't possible to secure a separate sleeping space for me, I will be happy to share a king bed with you, provided that my 8 hours of sleep time is not disturbed. If on any given night, you plan to be up all night long, then add $2000 to my rate. Additionally, this must be discussed in advance, not in the middle of the night.

Personal time

In order for our time together to be as wonderful as it possibly can, dates over 24 hours require 2 hours of personal time per day so that we are both able to attend to general responsibilities (gym, beautification, emails and unwind so I continue looking my best for you), and spend the rest of our time completely immersed in each other's company.


Gifts are never expected, but some sweet gentlemen have asked about my taste and preferences. Beyond gift giving this is also just another way to get to know a little bit more about the girl behind the photos. As Nick Hornby once wrote "It's not just what you're like, it's what you like". I always appreciate someone going the extra mile to leave a lasting impression. Kindly peruse my Wish List to discover what would put a big smile on my face. There's something for every budget.

FMTY and other trips

Tired of endless business trips in lonely hotel rooms? Allow me the pleasure of entertaining you between business meetings. I'm the perfect amuse-bouche to cleanse your palate and spice up your time away from home. Minimum 4 hours and the following fees paid in advance: 40% deposit, $600 for time spent travelling, the cost of a return flight or train ticket, a 4 or 5* hotel and airport transfer. For international trips, the minimum trip length is 24 hours.


I understand life happens and things don’t always go as planned. Cancellation policies will be enforced at my discretion. If you have to cancel, please be respectful of my time by letting me know well in advance. If you cancel at least three days before our date, you will always have the option to reschedule it within one month without losing your deposit (except when on tour). Cancellation fees are 50% if cancelled less than three days before of our date, 75% less than two days and 100% less than 24 hours. Failure to respect my cancellation policy will result in an industry wide blacklist and an inability to book future meetings with me. 

Long term arrangement

Arrangements are ideal for those enjoying a lot of flexibility. We would be seeing each other regularly for dinners, overnights and activities. Just like a normal couple's dating but this will be special. I will create a bespoke date package based on your needs. Benefits include flexible and prioritised scheduling, unclocked dates within reason, unlimited texting, etc... Minimum commitment is 2 months.



Please note that any money paid is for companionship only. Anything that may occur during our time together is not contracted nor compensated for and is the mutual decision between two consenting adults.

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