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"Living only once, there's no time for bad dates"


The people I choose to spend time with are intelligent, articulate, well traveled and as discerning as I am. Including a little information about yourself in your introductory email will help set you apart as one such gentleman. I chose my suitors with care so I can offer an exemplary experience... Below is some important info to ensure a smooth date.


I'm big on discretion, both for your and my benefit. E-mails attempting to bargain or negotiate will be ignored, and any references to illegal transactions or activities, during initial correspondence or our engagement, will result in a prompt end of our communication and time together without a refund.


Screening is mandatory to ensure my safety. Info submitted will be used to make sure you do not have a criminal record, are of appropriate age, and the person in the ID is the one I will be meeting. After verifying your info, it will be deleted promptly and without exception.

Outfit requests


If you would like to see me in a specific outfit, be the one who buys it for me. Or you can send me a gift card or cash and I will have it by the time of our meeting. As a matter of fact, I absolutely love to be dressed up in Gucci size 38.



I am very understanding with proper communication and advance notice. Otherwise, I can offer a 10 minute grace period for late arrivals, but after that, your arrival time does affect the length of our booking so please plan ahead in terms of possible traffic delays, etc... 


My donations are non-negotiable. Never make me ask for it and never hand me any cash in plain view. Please place the donation in an envelope and discreetly put it in plain view in the bathroom counter or elsewhere, without prompting from me as it ruins the mood. Should our date start in a public setting, provide my consideration in a discreet manner: inside a card or gift bag is a classy way of taking care of business without drawing unnecesary attention.



I treat everyone the same way I like to be treated. Politeness and good manners are an aphrodisiac for me. I don’t tolerate boundary pushing, impolite or bad manners and excessive drinking. I will terminate our date immediately and no refund will be given for the unused time.

In the flesh

Although I am a very sensual companion, I prioritise my physical health and I ask that you do the same. Healthy bodies are happy bodies. I do not engage in acts that put my health at risk. 


What happens between us stays between us. Every moment I spend with new friends is truly unique. I see our time together as memories to cherish forever. Therefore, like every upscale companion, I have a strict no review policy due to the abusive nature of review websites. I love hearing your thoughts about our date though, so I invite you to share feedback with me directly and privately.


Where are you based? 

The best way to keep up with me is to check my twitter where you'll see my current location and a sneak peek at my daily life. 

What's the most discreet way to send a deposit? 

By crypto (btc or eth) or an e-gift card of my choice sent to a discreet, unpublished e-mail address. 

How do you describe your personality?​

I like to think of myself as warm, bright, friendly and approachable, but most importantly REAL and authentic. I’ve been told that talking to me can be cathartic. Open-mindedness seems to have that effect on people. I have a quick mind and an appetite for new experiences. My free time is filled in galleries, cinemas, amazing restaurants, wine bars, airplanes, beautiful cities and reading about financial news. When we first meet, my warm friendly smile will put you at ease right away, making you feel welcome and appreciated.

What is your idea of a perfect weekend?​

Some place with beautiful nature, close to the ocean, stunning architecture, vibrant culture, incredible food, a deep soak bathtub and last but not least: excellent company! Let us create unforgettable memories.

Will you help me plan our date?

I would love to! I do it for myself all the time anyway. I'd be happy to provide my own recommendations on the best restaurants, museums, sights, current events, tours, shows and festivals of whatever town we are meeting. And just like a personal assistant, I can also  plan activities and make reservations, so you can enjoy your stress-free getaway and have an unforgettable time. If you don't have any preference regarding restaurant or activities, or are too busy to plan, then let me delight you with my choices. You won't be disappointed.

I want to bring you a gift but our meeting is tomorrow and I don't have time to go shopping​

A physical vanilla or amex gift card will do. I can then buy myself anything I want while remembering the wonderful time we had together. You can buy these almost anywhere (Wallmart, Wallgreens, Target, post office, etc...)

What will you be wearing for our date?

I will dress appropriately for the venues and activities. Most of the time, my go-to style is smart casual and discreet. I also love wearing dresses and adore a man who provides opportunities for me to wear one. My size is XS should you have outfit requests. Gift cards are the way to go so I can bring your vision to life. Makeup will be minimal.

What is your food and drink of choice?

I'm a confessed foodie. It's hard for me to chose a type of food but if I have to, I will go for seafood, oysters, steak or sushi. If we are going for dinner (how exciting!), you will find I know my way around the wine list… Just don’t ask me to choose between a glass from Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay or Viognier!

I love your friendliness. Can we keep in touch in the distance?

The best way to keep in touch is by meeting me whenever possible. FMTY's are always a good option if we are not in the same city. Otherwise, you can keep up with me on Twitter or by email if we have already met. If you would prefer a more personal relationship in the distance, I offer virtual packages for the demanding gentlemen who require regular texting, e-mailing or calling. Enquire within for virtual packages. For existing friends, the occasional email or text to catch up is always complimentary of course!

Can I contact you from a different city/country?​​

Absolutely. Whether it’s here in the US, or somewhere further afield on my travels, I can’t wait to meet you. I have a passport peppered with stamps and visas, a few languages up my sleeve, and a never-ending tick list of places to see, so even if you're far away, don't hesitate to contact me about a trip you'd like me to join. There's nothing sexier than a foreign rendez-vous. ​​

Are you comfortable seeing non-traditional clients?

I love spending time with clients of all sizes, genders, ethnicities and abilities. Please don’t discourage yourself from reaching out to me. We'll have a good time!

I’m new to this or don’t do this often. Will you still see me?

Of course! Don't worry if this is all new to you. I'm very patient, intuitive and non-judgmental. I don’t like to rush a connection or go through the motions with anyone and want us both to feel relaxed and enjoy our time in our own unique way. I have experience with first-timers and have been thanked for being so attentive and considerate. 

May I see a picture of your face?

While I understand your curiosity, my privacy is paramount. I pursue a very full career and social life outside of Elvira, so for now it’s my naughty little secret!

I contacted you but haven't heard back?

Please allow 16 hours for my reply as I handle all communication by myself. Before sending me a follow-up email, check your spam folder. Note that as a low volume provider, I'm extremely selective about whom I see, so etiquette is important. Think of it as a job interview. If you make a good first impression then you will get the opportunity to meet me! For starters, your inquiry will most likely not be considered if you:

  • Are rude or explicit in communication.

  • Requested too short of a duration for the first meet.

  • Provided screening info that is false or unverifiable.

  • Are trying to bypass screening and/or deposit.

  • Displayed flaky or carrot-dangling behavior.

  • Asked a question that my website has supplied an answer to. It shows that you are unwilling to invest your time in me.

Reliability is something I regard highly in my suitors. So only contact me when you are ready to book.

Does sending my screening info guarantee a date with you?

No. Having your screening information gives me a chance to do my due diligence to assess whether you are safe to meet. Only once I'm sure of that, will I plan a date with you. Regardless if we meet or not, all your information is confidential and deleted after due diligence.

I love the effort you put on your website. Can I tip you?

I designed my website by myself. That is very thoughtful of you and yes, you can show your appreciation in the form of a gift card e-mailed to

On this page is a list of my favourite gift cards. Alternatively, you can gift me points on P411. My user id is P374194.

Are you reference friendly?

Definitely! If we've seen each other within the past 6 months I'll be glad to vouch for you.

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