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There is no such thing as a “wrong gift”. It’s the act that counts. 

Gifts are never mandatory but appreciated and your generosity will be forever cherished. I am always stunned by the generosity I receive and you can be sure I'll find a way to reciprocate my joy. The items on this page represent what I like and how I move throughout my days. 

My wish list 

If you want to surprise me with a gift but don't know what to buy, click here to see my curated list of some items I'm lusting over or see below for even better options.

image (23).jpg

Melt my heart

If you would rather chose a gift by yourself, consider any girly items:

E-gift cards

Too busy to buy something? Or want me to have the joy to select it by myself? Then the following e-gift cards are the things I love. Use my name Elvira and my e-mail address 

Cash gifts to spend on whatever I fancy

American Express eGift Card

Vanilla eGift Card

For High End Lingerie, for shoots and bedroom attire

Agent Provocateur



For Travels and healthy snacks, my career keeps me on the move

Whole Foods Market



For Designer Clothes and Accessories. I look my best for all occasions

Neiman Marcus




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