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Age: 20’s

Height: 5’5 ft

Weight: 103 lbs

Bust: 34A

Body: Petite

Tattoos: No

Piercings: Ear lobes

Body Enhancements: No

Dress Size: US 0, European 36, Italian 38

Education: MBA in Management Consulting

Interests: Contemporary art, networking, fine dinning, gastronomy, shopping, opera, spa and meeting you :)

Origin: Western Europe

P411: P374194

I feel lucky to lead the life I do...


It can be hard to describe oneself, but here is a snapshot to the wonders of an exclusive date with me. With me on your arm, we can both expect rushes of joy, open minded discussion and pure seduction. Level headed, confident and sensuality that is a raw, slow heat of sexuality oozes around me. I am not harsh and I am only high maintenance when it comes to being cared for. Only the sweetest and caring men can get a second date. 
I have been around the world, lived in four continents and ready to live on more, see more places and love more authentically. With my background and education, I adapt easily and fit in wherever I go. I turn heads but not for the wrong reasons and I never seem suspicious on the arm of any gentleman. My friendliness and trustworthiness allows for safety to be wild inside, joyous outside and truly real between the two of us.
To me, there is nothing more important than the combination of discretion and respect. My maturity allows for me to select gentlemen who are quality over quantity. Smart and cultured, it will be fun to go in depth on topics that interest you or that you’d like to see from a different perspective. I am pretty and we all know that sweetens every word to slip through my lips. 
I have a successful corporate career but in my limited free time I am a companion simply for me and the excitement of connection. I make the time to fully dedicate myself to the joys of dating and I’m very flexible if enough notice is given. My post graduate education only adds to my labor of "live life to the fullest" lifestyle. Such a lifestyle allows me the luxury of focusing on longer dates with lovers.  

My love of fashion and culture lead my daily activities. I want to think about you as I walk my way home from the flower shop. I cherish the gifts and vacations I have been given. These rewards extend past any amount of time we spend together, it's a lasting way to be in my heart and mind. I always take selfies and smile at love notes. Leave me a small taste of your sweetness, and write a nice note as you fill out my screening process. Acceptance and pleasure only go better when they are together. 

Until We meet,

P411: P374194



My beauty will make your eye satisfied. People who know me say that my photos don't fully reflect my beauty. You can enjoy my portfolio and website but don't forget that it's just a tiny glimpse of my personality. I have a lot more to say and show. My photos are recent and un-retouched. I have had zero cosmetic work.



"Living only once, there's no time for bad dates"


I cater to well-mannered gentlemen who behave in a pleasant way and respect my boundaries. For some interesting facts,  read my interview on Simplysxy here.


I'm big on discretion. I think that says it all but I will add that when communicating with me, kindly keep our correspondence cordial and straight to the point. Inquiries attempting to bargain or negotiate, or asking about explicit acts even in coded language, will terminate our communications promptly.


I am very understanding with proper communication and advance notice. Otherwise, I can offer a 10 minute grace period for late arrivals, but after that, your arrival time does affect the length of our booking so please plan ahead in terms of possible traffic delays, etc... 


What happens between us stays between us. Every moment I spend with new friends is truly unique. I see our time together as memories to cherish forever. Therefore, like all upscale companions, I have a strict no review policy due to the abusive nature of review websites. 


My donations are non-negotiable. Never make me ask for it and never hand me any cash in plain view. I prefer electronic payments. If using cash, please place the donation in an envelope and discreetly put it in plain view within 5 minutes of our date without prompting from me, as it ruins the mood.


I treat everyone the same way I like to be treated. I only see real gentlemen who are respectful. I don’t tolerate boundary pushing, impolite or bad manners, excessive drinking and weapons. I will terminate our date immediately and leave. No refund will be given for the unused time.


I treat everyone the same way I like to be treated. I only see real gentlemen who are respectful. I don’t tolerate boundary pushing, impolite or bad manners, excessive drinking and weapons. I will terminate our date immediately and leave. No refund will be given for the unused time.


If you would like to see me in a specific outfit, be the one who buys it for me. Or you can send me a giftcard and I will have it by time of our meeting. As a matter of fact, I absolutely love to be dressed up in Gucci size 38.

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"Quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten" 

I chose my suitors with care so I can offer an exemplary experience... I have an exciting life outside my time as Elvira, which unfortunately means that my time is limited. I'm a girl of many pleasures and persuasions, but my preference is for longer dates as they allow us to better get to know each other, hence booking priority will go to friends who value extended time together and ongoing relationships. Wether we meet over a private moment of bliss, a dinner date or a weekend getaway, I can't wait for the time we have to share with each other.


Enchanting intro
2 hours $1400 

Brilliant reverie
4 hours $2500

Escape heaven (preferred minimum)
6 hours $3500

Yours for the day
8 hours $4500

The world is ours
12 hours $6000

The kind of adventure you never forget
24 hours $9000

Adventures in wonderland
48 hours $14000

When you just don't want it to end
Additional 24 Hours $4000

Endless possibilities
1 week $30000

Transportation cost is not included and must be added to the deposit. Incalls are usually in downtown.


Deposit is required for advance bookings to hedge against no-shows and last minute cancellations. Deposits count towards the rate of our date. Once received, I block our time in my calendar and no one else can take it.

  • Deposit is 20% in all cases except FMTY which is 40%. Deposit can sometimes be waived for same day bookings but note that I'm rarely available at short notice.

  • Deposit is fully refundable in the unlikely event that I have to cancel or you may chose to have it applied to a future date.

  • Deposits can be paid by crypto (bitcoin, ethereum), venmo, cash app, paypal or an e-gift card of my choice. Paypal and crypto incur an additional 8% fee to cover the platform fees and volatility risk. The balance can be paid by cash or any of the mentioned methods. Crypto is my favourite payment method. I don't prefer to handle cash so if at all possible, I would like to receive all payments electronically.


I understand life happens and things don’t always go as planned. Cancellation policies will be enforced at my discretion. If you have to cancel, please be respectful of my time by letting me know well in advance. If you cancel at least three days before our date, you will always have the option to reschedule it within one month without losing your deposit (except when on tour). Cancellation fees are 50% if cancelled less than three days before of our date, 75% less than two days and 100% less than 24 hours. Failure to respect my cancellation policy will result in an industry wide blacklist and an inability to book future meetings with me. 


"Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow" 

Minimum 4 hours and the following fees paid in advance: 40% deposit, $500 for time spent travelling and the cost of a return flight or train ticket, a 4 or 5* hotel and airport transfer.



Extended dates must include a meal and/or activities. Not sure where to go? Just let me know and I will send you a list of the best restaurants in town or we can cuddle and stay in with room service if privacy is your concern. Example activities: opera, ballet show, classical music concert, museum, cinema, modern art gallery, hiking, spa, shopping, NBA Game, etc… I can assist you in doing all the reservations.


In order for our time together to be as wonderful as it possibly can, dates over 24 hours require 3 hours of personal time per day so that we are both able to attend to general responsibilities (gym, beautification, emails and unwind so I continue looking my best for you), and spend the rest of our time completely immersed in each other's company.



We would be seeing each other regularly for dinners, overnights and activities. Just like couple's dating. A bespoke date package will be created based on your needs. Benefits include flexible and prioritised scheduling, unclocked dates within reason, unlimited texting, etc... Minimum commitment is 2 months.


An exclusive arrangement means that I would take off all my online ads and I would date you exclusively for an agreed period of time (2 months to 1 year). Feel free to send me your best offer. 


Please note that any money paid is for companionship only. Anything that may occur during our time together is not contracted nor compensated for and is the mutual decision between two consenting adults.



Gifts are never mandatory but appreciated and your generosity will be forever cherished. I am always stunned by the generosity I receive and you can be sure I'll find a way to reciprocate my joy. These items represent what I like and how I move throughout my days. There is no such thing as a “wrong gift”. It’s the act that counts. 



If you want to surprise me with a gift but don't know what to buy, click here to see my curated list of some items I'm lusting over. 


If you would rather chose a gift by yourself, consider any girly items from these designers:


Too busy to buy something? Or want me to have the joy to select it by myself? Then the following e-gift cards are the things I love. . Use my name Elvira and my e-mail address 

Cash gifts to spend on whatever I fancy:

American Express eGift Card

Vanilla eGift Card

For High End Lingerie, for shoots and bedroom attire:

Agent Provocateur



For Travels and healthy snacks, my career keeps me on the move:

Whole Foods Market


For Designer Clothes and Accessories. I look my best for all occasions:

Neiman Marcus




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