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I feel lucky to lead the life I do...


A spunky lady once said "We only live once, but if you do it right, that's enough". I am drawn to challenges, exceptional experiences, and interesting people. I sincerely believe that life is a wonderful adventure with excitement just around the corner. It can be hard to describe oneself, but here is a snapshot to the wonders of an exclusive date with me. With me on your arm, we can both expect rushes of joy, open minded discussion and pure seduction. Level headed, confident and sensuality that is a raw, slow heat of sexuality oozes around me. I am not harsh and I am only high maintenance when it comes to being cared for. Only the sweetest and caring men can get a second date. 
Driven by curiosity, I have been around the world, lived in four continents and ready to live on more, see more places and love more authentically. With my background and education, I adapt easily and fit in wherever I go. I turn heads but not for the wrong reasons and I never seem suspicious on the arm of any gentleman. My friendliness and trustworthiness allows for safety to be wild inside, joyous outside and truly real between the two of us. My goal is to create a safe, judgment-free space where you can fully be yourself.
To me, there is nothing more important than the combination of discretion and respect. My maturity allows for me to select gentlemen who are quality over quantity. Smart and cultured, it will be fun to go in depth on topics that interest you or that you’d like to see from a different perspective. I am pretty and we all know that sweetens every word to slip through my lips. 
My love of glamour and culture leads my daily activities. I want to think about you as I walk my way home from the flower shop. I cherish the gifts and vacations I have been given. These rewards extend past any amount of time we spend together, it's a lasting way to be in my heart and mind. I always take selfies and smile at love notes. Leave me a small taste of your sweetness, and write a nice note as you fill out my screening process. Acceptance and pleasure only go better when they are together. 

Until We meet,


At a glance

Age: 20’s

Height: 5’5 ft

Bust: 34A

Tattoos: No

Build: Petite

Body Enhancements: No

Love language: Receiving gifts

Food: steak, seafood, oysters, sushi

Dress Size: US 0, European 36, Italian 38

Education: MBA in Operational Management

Interests: Contemporary art, baroque music, opera, networking, fine dinning, gastronomy, shopping, spa, stimulating conversation and meeting you :)

Origin: Western Europe

P411: P374194



Dream dates

For those wanting to delight me, some date activities I’ve enjoyed immensely with my suitors are: fine dinning, tasting menus, breathtaking sunset views, movie night, casino date, couple's spa date, a stroll in the park, driving around aimlessly, helicopter riding, hiking, beach day, river cruise, farm visit to feed animals, food sampling tour, wine tasting, coffee or tea tasting, shopping, auction, yachting, poolside lounging, ballet, opera shows and contemporary art gallery, etc... Creative and extended date ideas automatically jump to the top of my list.

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