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"They say that manners make the man"

When contacting me for the first time, be respectful and mindful of your writing. I do not answer "u avail" e-mails and I absolutely do not answer any e-mails of the intimate or physical kind.

Should an eagle fly in front of you as you're locating my Donations, please refrain from asking anyway and be sure to view them, as well as the Etiquette, before introducing yourself.

Before our first date, a discreet screening process is mandatory. Thank you for understanding that security and peace of mind is my number one priority and is simply for personal safety.

Your details submitted are solely for the purpose of viewing then discarded immediately. Any established provider, assistant, or agency will absolutely require the same without any exceptions.

A date who invests a moment to briefly verify successfully and properly is someone respectfully courteous whom I happily look forward to meeting.

Secure Screening Option

Alternatively, if you'd like to share your screening details more securely, it doesn't get more confidential than ProtonMail. If you don't use protonmail then kindly check your spam folder if you haven't heard from me within 2 days. My e-mail is:

More info on the Switzerland based ProtonMail can be found on

What to expect: I will get back to you to confirm my availability for the date and time requested. Check your spam folder for my reply if you don’t use ProtonMail. Once a date and time have been agreed upon, a deposit will be requested to secure the date.


Save both of us time! No additional screening needed if you email me directly from your official work or business email. Otherwise please see the screening options below.

Screening. Chose TWO of the following:

Providing false information will put you in the black list.

OPTION 1. Identity verification.

  • Government photo ID. Please leave photo, full name and age clearly visible but you may blur other info if you wish.

OPTION 2. Employment verification, any of the below:

  • A company website link where you are clearly listed as an employee, owner, etc.., showing your full name and photo.

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile, showing your photo and +300 connections. If your LinkedIn profile has no photo, I will send you an invitation to connect from a discreet blank profile and you tell me the name of this profile.

  • An email with any or no content, sent from your official work or business email (I have an unpublished male gmail address for discretion, if needed). For screening only. You won't receive a response to your work e-mail address.

OPTION 3. References.

They must be from 2 or 3 reputable providers you have seen in the past 12 months, who have their own website and are still active. I don't accept references from agencies or retired providers.


OPTION 4. Long-term member of P411 with at least 5 okays.

If you are not on P411, you can sign up here. Mine is P374194.

OPTION 5. Active social media profiles.

Along with a selfie with today's date written on paper. 

Thanks for submitting! I will e-mail you ASAP. Please check your spam folder if you don't hear from me within 16 hours.

Screening is non-negotiable. I would never put your discretion at risk or contact you for any reason other than planning the logistics of our time together and all communication will be very discreet. 

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